How much do you know about the Greater Monroe Area?

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  • The Town of Monroe contains three villages: Monroe and Kiryas Joel, as well as the majority of the Village of Harriman, which it shares with the Town of Woodbury.
  • The Town of Monroe is home to the original Velveeta Cheese factory, now located next to Monroe 6 Cinemas in the village, it stands as a historic landmark as the small building that started the now highly popular “cheese food”.
  • The First Settlers to this land were American Indians from the Lenni-Lenape Indian nation. The Lenni-Lenape nation consisted of three tribes, “The Unulactus, the Turkey tribe, Minsis, the Wolf-Tribe, and the Unamis, the Turtle tribe.”
  • As far as it is known, the town of Monroe started out as being called Cheescocks or the Cheesecocks Patent area, which remained largely wild prior to the Revolution. Then parts of it began to be named after the earliest landowners such as the Smith’s Clove area, which was named after William Smith, and then Galloway’s, which was named after the settler who erected the log cabin that Washington temporarily called his home. Then in 1801, the town’s name was changed to “Southfields,” and then in 1808 the name of “Munroe,” which apparently was changed to Monroe in 1818 to honor the President of the same name.