Message from the President – October 2014


Congratulations to Lynn Cione the new President of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. We are looking forward to working with the county chamber and other local chambers in building stronger business communities throughout the county.

Why join a chamber of commerce? With so many around which one(s) should you join?

First, joining a Chamber of Commerce puts you in contact with your community. Chambers provide opportunities for you to build relationships that promote your business through referrals (a proven method).

Second, Chambers help create awareness about your business. We conduct ribbon cuttings and “re-openings” inviting other businesses and local officials and media to give your business exposure. The Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce publicizes your events before and after on Face-book and on the chamber web-site.

Third, the chamber also works with the town and village to promote events that you can participate in (Clean Sweep and Cheese-Fest), and with the schools – store front holiday window painting as an example.

Fourth, the GMCoC has a new web-site. It is a place where your business can be found (our directory) and also provides opportunities for you to advertise on our web-pages and to promote your business through special offers.

In addition to promotional considerations you have an opportunity to identify reliable and cost effective local services for your business. Every time you spend a dollar with a local business (service or supplier) a portion of that dollar circulates through the community – and eventually back to you. That is why “Buy Local” is such a powerful way to strengthen the local community.

So, which chamber should you join? If your customers are local the local chamber is your first choice. If your customer base is broader you might consider two or more local chambers, and if your business attracts customers from across the county you should consider one or more local chambers and the county chamber. As a business grows becoming a member of one or more local chambers and the county chamber leverages those referrals and allows you to participate and have impact on the larger issues that affect every business owner.


The GMCoC board members are all independent business owners or employees of local businesses. We are always looking for volunteers to help out with various committees to better serve our members and the community at large. When you have the opportunity, attend a board meeting (the second Thursday of the month between 3 pm and 4:30 pm at the chamber office.)


Paul Campanella

Board President