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Grand Opening – Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon CuttingPurpose:
To help new and existing businesses in the Town of Monroe and surrounding area promote their business.

Be a member of the Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce (GMCoC).

The GMCoC will help member business owners promote the opening or anniversary of their business as outlined below:

1.GMCC and the Business Owner meet to decide how big or small they want the event to be, including:

  • Local Businesses or county wide
  • Local politicians or county wide
  • Local Businesses, open invitation, or family and friends
  • Day, date and time (week days are usually best-and must be acceptable to the GMCoC)
  • The GMCoC will provide a list of elected officials; business owner to extend invitation.
  • Will refreshments be served (food, wine, coffee, etc.)

2. Business Owner:

  • Prepare a 150 – 200 word article (press release) about the business.
  • Prepare materials & handouts
  • Arrange for refreshments and prepare a location to host event
  • Invite elected officials, personal guests (family, friends), etc.
  • Business owner is responsible for all costs directly related to the Grand opening/Ribbon Cutting

3. GMCoC

 – Pre-event activity

  • We will bring a photographer and/or invite the local paper to send one to the event.
  • We will invite our local membership, other chambers and businesses.
  • If there is a ribbon cutting, we will provide the ribbon & ceremonial scissors.
  • We will publicize the opening on our web site, in our calendar and in our e- newsletter.

 – Day of Event

  • We will have someone take photos for our web-site.
  • If the business owner wants they may have their own photographer.
  • The Chamber Board will attend (as many as we can get) and help cut the ribbon.

 – Post Event Activity

  • We will send a Press Release and event photo to the local papers (we cannot guarantee they will publish).
  • We will post the event photos and press release (prepared by the business) on our website and all social media (twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • One week after the event we will issue the press release to Orange County newspapers.
  • Two weeks after the event, we will issue the press release to local media throughout the valley.
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